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Key Features Paging , Custom Parameter Support, Async Download Support


Version 2.0 further augment the features of 1.0 major changes are listed below


  • New Features
    • Multipage download support : Version 1.0 was limited to download just one page as a result it was not possible to download all the data if Entity paging was enabled. Now it will download all the data in one go.
    • Custom parameter support: By default WCF data Service do not support custom parameters (optional parameters) that prevents to write some custom logic. In my case it broke that language translation scenario that was using custom ASP.Net Parameter. Current release fixes this by caching original request url and mapping to next page url.
    • Download Statistics Support : New ODataReader Class support quick stats like Start time, End time, Total pages downloaded and total record downloaded, Theses stats can be very use full in case of diagnostics and performance study. 
    • Async Download Support: If your data volume is high then definitely you won`t like to wait for result to appear on browser (or in consumer an application) "SaveAsTextAsync" function hides all the complexity of Async download and consumer application loop around the url published.  
  • Classes Removed : AtomFeedConverter and Base64StreamReader are dropped (disabled in project)
  • New Reader Class :Added a new class ODataReader that is much improved and worked directly on browser stream.

Quick Screen Shot

Compile and build the application and start Default.htm page and click on sample link


Download link will be published

Click on download link , Downloaded file will be displayed

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